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There are so many choices out there today when it comes to catering.  Whether you happened upon our site or were specifically directed here through referral or a search, we are happy you stopped to find out more.

So, here’s the North Star Catering Story:

The North Star Catering concept is rooted in our restaurants – North Star American Bistro and the Milwaukee Ale House in Grafton.  Both are known for affordable and really good food + professionally friendly service.

In the early days, we were asked SO often to either pack up MASSIVE to go’s or to go on site & cook for a restaurant guest at an important event that they were hosting.

We realized the Milwaukee catering market didn’t offer a lot in the way of affordable, from scratch catering with great customer service.  So, we decided to take the best of what our restaurants have to offer and launch a catering division.

To this day, most of our staff works both on site at our restaurants and off site at our catering events.  That’s good for us – because we don’t have to hire temps or extras.    That’s good for you because our staff is so familiar with our concept – they know what we promise and are ready to deliver on those expectations.


From weddings, fundraising galas and corporate functions of all shapes and sizes to breakfasts, in home dinners and holiday parties – we have menus and staffing to accommodate events that are big or small, for business or pleasure.

Still reading?  Ok, here’s another truth you need to know – we are not the cheapest in the area –but we are DEFINITELY NOT the most expensive.

Here’s the deal on that:  When it comes to pricing, we always try to be really middle of the road and when it comes to quality and value – we always strive to be stellar.

To us that means – better and more food for your dollar, customer service that is above and beyond and thinking through your event WITH you to help make it the best it can be – not only during, but before and after.


The line we use ‘REAL. GOOD. FOOD.’ is a promise to our clients and their guests.  We put that stamp directly under our logo as a way of committing to you that we will always provide the following:

REAL:  Our proposals are always transparent –we will let you know exactly what things cost and how they add up.  We also have NO problem working with you on quirks and adjustments for your event – those details are what make them unique and being in catering – we are totally used to it.  If we can make those adjustments at no cost to you – we will do it.  If it requires something additional that we need to charge you for – we’ll let you know that right up front.

GOOD:  Simply means good value, good service, good food.  

FOOD:  What it’s all about!  That means your food will be fresh, handmade and a menu created to fit your needs.  Here’s something else – if you have an idea for a recipe and we can make it work from a pricing / production standpoint – we totally will.  Substitutions, new ideas and recipes that speak to you are not a prob.