North Star Catering in the News

Brookfield Now featured North Star Catering in as the Business Spotlight this week! “How many times have you let out a long sigh when you hear that an event you’re attending is going to be catered? In Brookfield, those

Corporate Catering Ideas

If the idea of another sub sandwich and side salad at your office lunch meeting is less than stimulating – you are not alone! More and more executive assistants, corporate planners, and marketing coordinators are looking for

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Kid Friendly Food Party Ideas – DIY Tip

Kid Friendly Food Party Ideas – DIY Tip Planning a great party can be a challenge. It can be more of a challenge if your attendees are both children and adults. You may be wondering how to incorporate both adult and kid

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Business Party Catering – DIY Tip

DIY Business Party Catering Is Not As Hard As You Think! No one wants to throw a boring business party. Business parties should be fun and give employees a chance to relax and not think about work. Instead of those basic platters

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How to Make Your Catering Buffet Style Stand Out – DIY Tip

How to Make Your Own Catering Buffet – DIY Tip Series Creating a gorgeous buffet does not have to be a tedious task, nor do you have to have a catering buffet (but we wouldn’t mind if you did of course). Making your

wedding catering groom

The Wedding Catering Trend Report: Grooms

The New Wedding Catering Trend: Grooms What we’re seeing – Grooms are the new VP of the wedding planning and wedding catering conversations that were once non-existent between bride to be and groom to be, are now happening.

healthy catering options

Healthy Catering Options

HEALTHY CATERING OPTIONS DO EXIST! For those of us who made a New Years resolution, have dietary restrictions, or just want to stay as vegetarian or pescatarian as possible even when attending or hosting a party, you won’t

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Post-Holiday Party? Party Catering After the Holidays

“SO OVER THE  PACKED HOLIDAY SEASON YET?!” The Holidays are tough – so much shopping, too many RSVPs, multiple parties in one night, layers and layers of clothes… Host a party yourself AFTER the holidays with our Party

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Top 5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Caterer

When choosing a caterer, food styles and pricing are the biggest consideration for everyone.  Depending on your interests and budget, one may be more of a priority than the other. There are a few details that can affect both

Party Catering Milwaukee ideas

Incoporating Food Trends Into Your Party – Catering

Rustic and Casual, Local Globalism, Comfort Food is King, Minimalist Presentation.  Whether you are hosting your fete a la diy or have budgeted for a caterer, incorporating today’s top food trends can be a little confusing.